domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Welcome to my blog

With this blog I intend to show all my activities in English class, and my ideas and thoughts to all people wishing to visit this blog.

My name is Andrea Lugo, I have 17 years old  of age, study the 2nd quarter of Industrial Engineering in URBE.
I like spending time my friends, watch tv and sleep.Other of the things I like are watch anime and listen rock music and kpop and last but not least, I love to dance.

I have many dreams for the future, become an excellent Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering and be able to do great things with my profession, traveling and meeting many of the world.

English is important because it can communicate with me wherever I go internationally, particularly regard as the universal language, because everyone in the world used as a means of communication, English is an indispensable tool to understand and interact with others in a language other than Spanish.

You can fly!!! fighting!

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