viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


*Garment # 1:
 Anna: Hi Miss.
 Taylor: yeah?
 Anna: I could say how much is that purple dress?
 Taylor: that dress?
 Taylor: It costs $ 900 (nine hundred) dollars.

*Garment # 2:
Maria: Hi Andrea.
Andrea: Hi Maria! how are you?
Maria: Well and you?
Andrea: Excellent
Maria: Andrea yesterday I was at the mall and bought a beautiful pink bag is very comfortable.
Andrea: wow that good
Maria: if and for only $ 200 (two hundred) dollars.

*Garment # 3:
Sandra: Hi Marta! how are you?
Marta: Hi Sandra! Excellent and you?
Sandra: very good
Marta: Sandra we should go shopping one day
Sandra: I think it's great
Marta: the weekend to buy a great white shirt, which cost me $ 1000 (One thousand) dollars.

*Garment #  4:
Liz: Hey sorry, I could say how much are these shoes?
Seller: these shoes gray?
Liz: Yes, these shoes gray
Seller: these shoes cost only $ 800 (eight hundred) dollars and are on sale
Liz: That's fantastic.

You can fly!!! fighting!

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