domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Eco Friendly

Before talking about how we can improve the conition of the planet, we should mention and answer: Which is the planet Earth?, What are the factors that pollute?, and those wo are responsible for this contamination?

The Earth is the third planet from the Sun, the fifth largest of all the planets in the Solar System and the densest of all with regard to its size. It moves around a little elliptical path around the Sun at a distance of about 150 million kilometers. The volume of the Earth is more than a million times smaller than the Sun, while the land mass is 81 times greater than its natural satellite, the Moon.

Thus, the large amount of free oxygen is produced by photosyntesis in plants, which by the action of solar energy transforms CO2 into O2. Free oxygen in the atmosphere is a consequence of the presence of life (vegetation) and not vice versa.

Pollution Factors:

*Water pollution:
It is one of the most acute problems facing humanity, the main sources of water pollution are:
            Wastewater: Hailling from the home.
             Industrial water source: Those that pollute more grade.
            Pollution from agricultural sources: It comes from products.

*Soil contamination:
Forest fires that occur annually during the period of summer, finished with soil, vegetation and animals that live clearing of forests for wood industry produces changes not only in the landscape, but also on climate and ecosystems.

*Pollution of  the flora and fauna:
The Technological society has advanced almost regardless of the danger in placing the animal and plant species. In Venezuela, the Orinoco crocodile is one example of commmercial exploitationand and is now almost extinct the species.
The industrial pollution of rivers and lakes has killed huge numbers of firs, which suffer paralysis of their metabolism. Oil spills, oil spills calls, causing the deaths of thousands of seabirds killed by suffocation and reduce the photosynthetic activity of marine plants.

* Air Pollution:
Air pollution caused mainly by the indutries, domestic and industrial combustion and motor vehicles, has seriously affected the air we breathe.
The main pollution are: sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, notrogen oxide, gaseous hydrocarbons, lead oxide, fluoride, powder crushing atmosphere from spray materials and products.

Responsible for pollution:
Those responsible fot the pollution of planet Earth we humans are, because our unconscious actions have caused the continued deterioration of the wealth that gives us our planet.

I can do to improve my planet?
*Change the bulbs.
*Turn off the TV and PC.
*Drive less.
*Less hot water.
*Watch appliances.
*Plant a tree.

The man should seriously consider their relationship with the environment must be modified because who else is hurting is himself. Its status as a thinking must do to respond to search and secure way of living in harmony with nature. Natural resources muts be used for future generations in mind who we can not deliver a completely  deteriorated environment but consider the physical, living and socio-cultural factors shaping our world.

You can fly!!! fighting!

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